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Here at, we strongly believe that the oldest and most natural remedies are often the best, and being a mum I have never found this to be more true than during my pregnancy and time as a new mum. I have a wonderful 4 year old little boy and I was born and raised in England, however my family come from India. Like most women, pregnancy and my time as a new mum were both wonderful and exciting, as well as exhausting and stressful! I however, felt extremely lucky thanks to my very own Nani and my son’s Nani. Nani is what I call my grandmother, and what my son calls his grandmother, and us Indian ladies rely on our Nanis to get us through the good times, and the hard times. Coming from India, both my grandmother and mother helped me through my pregnancy and with my son by providing me with their ancient Indian pearls of wisdom, and ancient Indian remedies for everything from heartburn to breast-milk flow, and from teething troubles to sleepless nights!


These pearls of wisdom, that I once passed off as “old wives tales” became my saving grace, and are what inspired me to introduce them to a wider, western audience. I feel so lucky compared to many of my friends for the fact that my breast-milk flow was never a problem, my son never really suffered from teething troubles and that I always had Nani to rely on in my times of need! During my pregnancy, I also discovered many home-made recipes for health and beauty products, passed down from one Nani to the next. These natural, kitchen cupboard facemasks, waxing kits and many, many other beauty products contain no chemicals, and helped me stay looking great during my pregnancy without causing any harm or risk to my baby. I have decided to share these recipes on this website for you all to try for yourselves.


I have also travelled to India and sourced some of the products that I felt helped me most and made a huge difference to my life, and I have adjusted them to make them even better for you. These include teething aids and Himalayan crystal necklaces to help mothers’ wellbeing and breast-milk flow, as well as Himalayan Rock Salt lamps which purify the air and have helped my son sleep easy since he was a tiny baby.


I hope that you will try our products, and recipes and find that like myself, having your very own Nani to rely on makes all the difference.


Remember, Happy Nani = Happy Mummy = Happy Baby.


Love and Peace






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