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* Tlismi Moti Teething Necklace



Teething is a very difficult time for your baby, and as a parent  it can be very distressing to see your child suffer.  Of all the many different remedies available today, we believe that the simplest and most natural ones are the best.

The bead on our necklaces is known as the Tlismi Moti. Tlismi moti has been commonly used in India for hundreds of years to help relieve teething pain and is now available widely in pharmacies all over India. The bead is made of a precise blend of five metals and works by releasing a force of energy into the oral cavity, significantly reducing pain and inflammation.

Our teething necklaces have been tried and tested on babies and toddlers by many parents, and all of these parents agreed that our teething necklaces made a significant and positive difference to the teething phase of their little ones.

The necklace

The necklace is traditionally worn on a black cord , which is fastened by a knot and kept in contact with the skin. However, we have spent a lot of time looking at the safety aspects of this necklace and added a safety clasp, which, when under pressure, will come away. The clasp is silver plated and we have used a waxed cord which is both strong and slides easily.  The bead is knotted on both sides so there is no danger of it coming away.

To ensure that the bead is in contact with your baby’s skin it should be worn under clothing.

**10% of all proceeds made on the Tlismi Moti Teething Necklaces and Teething Vests will go towards helping sick and impoverished mothers and their babies in Gujarat, India, through the Sai Charitable Trust (Trust Registration Number E-1251)***